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Want signed copies of my books? 

bookplate specialBookmarked for Death  (Mas Market Paperback $6)
Bookplate Special (Mas Market Paperback $6)
Chapter & Hearse (Mas Market Paperback $6)
Not The Killing Type (Mas Market Paperback $6)
Book Clubbed (Mas Market Paperback $6)
A Fatal Chapter (Mas Market Paperback $6)
Title Wave (Mas Market Paperback $6)
A Just Clause (Mas Market Paperback $6)
Murder on the Half Shelf (First edition hardcover – $10)
Not The Killing Type (First edition hardcover – $10)
Book Clubbed (First edition hardcover – $10)
A Fatal Chapter (First edition hardcover – $10)
Title Wave (First edition hardcover – $10)
A Just Clause (First edition hardcover – $10)

The Walled Flower ($6)
One Hot Murder ($6)
Dead Bath & Beyond ($6)

Dead In Red (First edition hardcover – $10)

1 book:  $3.50
add $1.50 for each additional book.

Email me to order:  [email protected]