Like any small town, Stoneham, New Hampshire is populated with shop owners, business people, and residents.

lorna barrett's haven't got a clue bookstore

Tricia Miles owns the mystery bookstore, Haven’t Got a Clue. Along with her employee, Ginny Wilson, and her cat, (scene stealer) Miss Marple, Tricia’s store caters to mystery lovers looking to complete their collection of their favorite authors. Tricia sells rare and out-of-print editions, as well as some new titles, and lives above her store.

Angelica Miles, Tricia’s older sister, who arrived in Stoneham for what Tricia hoped will be a short visit, but stayed on to open the Cookery and Booked for Lunch.  Angelica also
writes cookbooks.  (Try her recipes.)

Bob Kelly: President of the local chamber of commerce and the mastermind behind changing Stoneham from a dying village into Booktown, a tourist destination.
Bob also owns Kelly Real Estate.

Mr. Everett, works for Tricia at Haven’t Got a Clue.

Ginny Wilson, works for Tricia at Haven’t Got a Clue.

Frannie Mae Armstrong, former receptionist for the Stoneham Chamber of
Commerce, Frannie now manages the Cookery for Angelica.

Russ Smith, owner and editor of the Stoneham Weekly News.

Grace Harris-Everett, local philanthropist and Mr. Everett’s Bride.

Captain Grant Baker, a member of the Hillsborough Sheriff’s

Nikki Brimfield runs the local bakery, the Patisserie.

Lois Kerr, Stoneham’s Librarian.

Deborah Black, owner of the Happy Domestic.

Antonio Barbero, works for Nigela Ricita Associates as their Stoneham representative.

Chauncey Porter, owner of the Armchair Tourist

Mary Fairchild, owner of By Hook or By Book


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