Stoneham, NH



Can’t find Stoneham on a map? It’s about five or ten minutes down the road from lovely Milford, NH.

Stoneham is known as “Booktown” (hence the name of the series), and consists of many used bookstores. (Think Hay-On-Wye in Wales.) Here’s a list of the businesses mentioned in the books:

Haven’t Got a Clue at 221 Main Street: Tricia’s mystery bookstore

The Cookery: A specialty bookstore for gourmands

By Hook Or Book: A craft store for every persuasion. Spinning, weaving, knitting, carving, jewelry making–envision a craft and they teach a class

Have a Heart: Romance through the ages–from “The Sheik” to current Nora Roberts novels

The Armchair Tourist: featuring travelogues of ages past up to the present, featuring maps of the world, globes, etc.

Tails & Tales: Book and gift shop devoted to animals

The Inner Light: offering spiritual awakening for all God’s children–no matter what their faith

VAMPS Specializing in adult magazines and books, as well as true crime

Booked For Lunch: A retro cafe owned by Angelica miles

The Brookside Inn: Eclectic accommodations and spa for those with exquisite tastes

The Bookshelf Diner: ’nuff said

The Dog-Eared Page an authentic English pub in the heart of southern New Hampshire

History Repeats Itself: where books chronicling ancient Rome to present-day Washington, D.C. are represented

The Happy Domestic: a boutique specializing in new and gently used products, how-to books, gifts, and home décor

The Coffee Bean: sells exotic brews, delicious pastries, and decadent chocolates

The Patisserie French-trained pastry chef Nikki Brimfield-Smith provides the best cookies, cakes, breads and pastries.

Stoneham’s Stoneware: tableware; the best of the past to marvelous reproductions